MLB.com에 세이트루이스 카디널즈가 15명 선수를 마이너로 내려 보냈다는 기사가 났다. 15명 선수에는 최향남선수 이름도 포함되어 있다. 내려간 선수 중 일부는 다시 부를 수 있을 것이라고 라루사 감독은 말하긴 하지만 얼마나 실현 가능한 이야기가 될련지 의문시된다. 최향남선수가 마이너로 계속 남을지 한국으로 복귀할 지에 대해서는 아직 소식이 없다.


Cards reassign 15 players to Minors, Top prospects Freese, Wallace among those leaving big league camp

JUPITER, Fla. -- The Cardinals reassigned 15 players to the Minor Leagues on Sunday, including two of their top prospects.

Third basemen David Freese and Brett Wallace joined 13 pitchers and catchers who were sent out after beginning the spring in Major League camp. Minor League pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training on Monday, with infielders and outfielders reporting later in the week. Freese is dealing with an Achilles' tendon injury that has severely limited his availability this spring.

"In Wallace's case, it was about getting experience, getting to see what big league camp was all about," general manager John Mozeliak said. "Now we'll let him go get into a routine and get work in in Minor League camp. It's going to allow us to spend a few individual days with him to get some special work in as well after the off-day [Monday].

"In Freese's case, it's just about getting him healthy. Major League camp is not a place to be rehabbing, unless, of course, you're on the roster. This will take a little bit of stress off of him and allow him to focus on getting himself right without the pressure of thinking he's got to get back on the field."

(투수 최향남,  Justin Fiske, Brad Furnish, Shaun Garceau, Trey Hearne, Tyler Herron, Katsuhiko Maekawa, Ian Ostlund, Francisco Samuel  마이너로 보내졌다. 또한 포수 Tony Cruz, Luis De La Cruz, Steven Hill, Justin Knoedler 들도 마이너로 내려갔다.)

Pitchers Hyang-nam Choi, Justin Fiske, Brad Furnish, Shaun Garceau, Trey Hearne, Tyler Herron, Katsuhiko Maekawa, Ian Ostlund and Francisco Samuel were also sent to the Minors, as were catchers Tony Cruz, Luis De La Cruz, Steven Hill and Justin Knoedler.

(스프링캠프 초청 선수들인 이들 중 누군가는 스프링 캠프에 빈자리가 생기면 다시 돌아올 수 있을 것이다. 또한 이들 중 몇몇을 다시 볼 수 있는 기회가 있을 것이다. 그러나 현재 캠프는 훈련하기에는 선수들이 너무 많고 이러한 상황은 비생산적이다.)

"All those non-roster guys can come back any one of these [Spring Training] trips that we're short," said manager Tony La Russa. "There's a good chance several of these guys will be seen again. But it just gets too crowded here for the drills. It's counterproductive."
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