The Tao of Drinkers

English 2006.11.23 17:41
Here is Drinker's Tao, that is the Eighteen Grades of Drinker. It was named by Jo Ji-Hoon who was a famous korean poet and was called the god of alcohol because of his heavy drinking.

1. Non Drinking
  - They can drink but never drink.

2. Keep away Drinking 
  - They can drink but they are afraid of alcohol.

3. An embarrassed Drinking
  - They can drink and they aren't afraid of drinking.
    But they are embarrassed in and shamed of drinking.

4. Alone Drinking
  - They can drink and they aren't afraid of drinking and they are enjoying drinking.
    But they are drinking alone with hide because of money.

5. Drinking for Business
  - They can drink and they enjoy drinking.
    But they drink only when they can get something during drinking.

6. Drinking for sexual life
  - They drink only for their sexual life.

7. Drinking for sleep
  - They drink because they can't sleep easily.

8. Drinking for a meal
  - They drink alcohol for an appetizer during the meal.

9. Learning Drinking
  - They are learning the real drinking.

10. Lovely Drinking
  - The first grade of drinker : a member of drinker's group.
  - They are loving drinking as a hobby.

11. Falling into drinking
  - The second grade of drinker : a guest of drinker's group.
  - They are falling into drinking.

12. Getting stuck into drinking
  - The third grade of drinker : a gallant and brave drinker
  - They are getting stuck into drinking and they well know the real drinking.

13. Fierce Drinking
  - The forth grade of drinker : a mad drinker
  - They are training hard and practicing the drinker's Tao

14. Long time and absorbing Drinking
  - The fifth grade of drinker : a wizard drinker
  - They are absorbed and devoting to drinking.

15. Sympathetic Drinking
  - The sixth grade of drinker : a wise drinker
  - They well know value of alcohol and think much of humanity.

16. Pleasant Drinking
  - The seventh grade of drinker : a holy drinker
  - They don't care whether they drink or not and they live in easy with drink.

17. Relative Drinking
  - The eighth grade of drinker : the best drinker
  - They really enjoy drinking by looking alcohol but they can't drink any more.

18. Drinking for death
  - Their grade can't evaluate because they are already dead.
  - They died because of drinking.

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