MLB trade rumors 닷컴에 나온 박찬호선수의 글입니다.

박찬호는 여전히 꽤 잘 얻어 맞은 투수로 남아있다. 그러나 최소한 샌디에고에 있으면서
그의 컨드롤을 그의 것으로 만들었다. 그는 2006년 엄청난 금액인 1,500만불을 받음으로써
최악의 계약이 끝난다. 어떠한 선발투수라도 방어율 5 이하, 이닝당 안타/볼넷허용율 1.35 이하로 유지하면 어느 팀에게서나 계약을 얻어 낼 수 있을 것이다.

마지막 문장이 상당히 비꼬는 듯한 말입니다. 박찬호선수가 현재 방어율 4.66, 이닝당 안타/볼넷허용율 1.29를 기록하고 있는데, 이 정도 선수가 1,500만불을 받으니 방어율 5 이하, 이닝당 안타/볼넷허용율 1.35면 어느 선수라도 어느 팀과 계약할 수 있을 것이라고 꼬집는 말입니다.

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2006 League Averages for Pitchers:
AL: 4.59 ERA, 1.41 WHIP, 3.20 BB/9, 6.38 K/9, 1.14 HR/9
NL: 4.56 ERA, 1.42 WHIP, 3.43 BB/9, 6.60 K/9, 1.12 HR/9

Gil Meche - The righty will turn 28 in September.  He's in the process of posting the best strikeout rate of his career and perhaps his best full season yet.  Still, the numbers are close to league average.  He's dealt with a sore back this season, but has been relatively healthy.  His oblique bothered him back in spring, and he had all sorts of knee, shoulder, and elbow problems last year.  Meche's struggles have also been attributed to the mental aspect of his game.  You'd have to think a team like the Cardinals, if willing to plunk down three years/$21 mil or so, could help him harness his ace potential.

Jamie Moyer - Home runs are up, but the ageless lefty is having another decent year.  Actually, he turns 44 this November.  You have to figure he'll try to remain a Mariner for another $5-6MM.

Mark Mulder - Mulder is currently making rehab starts after all kinds of shoulder injuries were diagnosed.  You can blame his batting-practice like perfomance on the injury, though his K rate is identical to last year.  When you're this hittable things can get ugly in a hurry; just ask Bruce Chen.  He can't help but bounce back somewhat next year in his age 29 season, but he'll be hard-pressed to justify his contract.

Mike Mussina - An abnormally low hit rate is behind most of Mussina's improvement in his age 37 season; he'll probably revert to a hit per inning in 2007.  The Yanks will buy out his '07 option for $1.5MM, and then try to re-sign him at a more reasonable salary.

Tomo Ohka - The 30 year-old missed a chunk of the season with a rotator cuff injury.  Ohka is reliably a tick above average in the NL.  He's a solid fourth or fifth starter and should get something close to two years and $12MM.

Ramon Ortiz - Ortiz, 33, gives up a ton of hits but compensates with good control.  If you can get 200 innings of league average ball out of him for $3MM, that's not too bad.

Vicente Padilla - Padilla will turn 29 in September.  He's rediscovered his control, upped his K rate, and kept the ball in the yard despite pitching at Ameriquest.  Free agent suitors will probably ignore his DWI from August (it didn't seem to hurt Rafael Furcal last year).  You might expect Padilla to be a bargain but I think he gets at least the standard 3/21 deal and probably more.

Chan Ho Park - Park remains quite hittable, but at least he's harnessed his control in San Diego.  He earned a whopping $15MM in 2006 to finish off his awful contract.  Any starter who keeps his ERA under 5 and WHIP under 1.35 will hook on somewhere.

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