I went to a special concert last Friday. It named '1,000 Won concert for music and love'. The singer was an amateur musician. But I think he is as a good singer and player as a professional musician. Actually he is my co-worker and sitting next by me.

    It was a wonderful night for me. It was more worthy than any other big star's concert. I never forget last Friday night through my life. I think he is very talent guy. I always envy him because you can play a piano and sing a song very well. I'm trying to play a piano but I'm too old to practice. I'm trying to sing a song properly but I don't have a good ability for singing. Maybe if I had rich sense of music, I would join your concert.
    I love music so much. I always enjoy listen many kinds of music. But unfortunately I'm poor at playing and singing. Anyway I hope I'll have another chance to listen your music in near future. And also I hope he'll have big success in his life.

Posted by sunnysky